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Data Quality in Six Verbs

Expectation and Data Quality

Data and its Relationships with Quality

Data Quality and Miracle Exceptions

Data Quality and Chicken Little Syndrome

Data Quality: Quo Vadimus?

What an Old Dictionary teaches us about Metadata

Data Myopia and Business Relativity

Finding Data Quality

Why isn’t our data quality worse?

Sometimes Worse Data Quality is Better

How Data Cleansing Saves Lives

The Dichotomy Paradox, Data Quality and Zero Defects

Is your data accurate, but useless to your business?

DQ-Tip: “There is no such thing as data accuracy...”

Data Quality and the Cupertino Effect

The Stone Wars of Root Cause Analysis

The Assumption of Quality

Data Quality and the Bystander Effect

The Data Quality Wager

Selling the Business Benefits of Data Quality

“Some is not a number and soon is not a time”

What going to the dentist taught me about data quality

Do you believe in Magic (Quadrants)?

Adventures in Data Profiling

Best of Data Governance

Is DG a D-O-G?

The Hawthorne Effect, Helter Skelter, and Data Governance

Cooks, Chefs, and Data Governance

Data Governance Frameworks are like Jigsaw Puzzles

Data Governance and the Buttered Cat Paradox

Data Governance Star Wars: Bureaucracy versus Agility

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The Stakeholder’s Dilemma

Beware the Data Governance Ides of March

Aristotle, Data Governance, and Lead Rulers

Data Governance and the Adjacent Possible

The Three Most Important Letters in Data Governance

The Data Governance Oratorio

Connect Four and Data Governance

The Diffusion of Data Governance

Jack Bauer and Enforcing Data Governance Policies

The Prince of Data Governance

MacGyver: Data Governance and Duct Tape

The People Platform

You only get a Return from something you actually Invest in

Has Data Become a Four-Letter Word?

Delivering Data Happiness

No Datum is an Island of Serendip

Turning Data Silos into Glass Houses


Best of Big Data

Big Data is Just Another Brick in the Wall

i blog of Data glad and big

The Need for Data Philosophers

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OCDQ Radio - Data Quality and Big Data

Big Data and the Infinite Inbox

The Laugh-In Effect of Big Data

HoardaBytes and the Big Data Lebowski

Magic Elephants, Data Psychics, and Invisible Gorillas

Will Big Data be Blinded by Data Science?

The Graystone Effects of Big Data

Information Overload Revisited

Exercise Better Data Management

A Tale of Two Datas

The Wisdom of Crowds, Friends, and Experts

Best of MDM and Business Intelligence

Plato’s Data

OCDQ Radio - Demystifying Master Data Management

OCDQ Radio - Master Data Management in Practice

MDM, Assets, Locations, and the TARDIS

Dot Collectors and Dot Connectors

The Data-Decision Symphony

Thaler’s Apples and Data Quality Oranges

The Speed of Decision

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Data Confabulation in Business Intelligence

Data, Information, and Knowledge Management

The Real Data Value is Business Insight

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Best of Random Thoughts

Common Change

The Great Rift

The Winning Curve


Mistake Driven Learning

True Service

Channeling My Inner Beagle: The Case for Hyperactivity

Mind the Gap

The Fragility of Knowledge

“I can make glass tubes”

The War of Word Craft

Will people still read in the future?

Do you enjoy writing?

Two Flaws in the “Fail Faster” Philosophy

A Superb Lyrebird is a Superb Liar

Freemium is the future – and the future is now

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The Business versus IT—Tear down this wall!

The Road of Collaboration

Turning the M Upside Down

The Algebra of Collaboration

Trust is not a checklist

The Importance of Envelopes

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The Balancing Act of Awareness

Shut Your Mouth

Podcast: Open Your Ears

Hailing Frequencies Open

The Game of Darts – An Allegory

The Acronymicon

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