“I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Jim as an authority of the highest calibre in the crucial arena of data quality. His writing on the subject manages the difficult trick of being engaging, amusing and informative; all at the same time. Jim's OCDQ Blog should be one of your first ports of call if you are seeking to learn more about the factors that drive success in data quality and how this in turn can drive more general business success. If you want to learn from someone who lives and breaths data quality, then Jim is your man.”

  • Peter Thomas, Founder of peterjamesthomas.com

“The articles Jim published on Data Quality Pro rapidly became some of the most popular content on the site since Data Quality Pro was launched.  Jim is one of the most experienced data quality practitioners and writers I have witnessed in our community.  He is a great ambassador for the data quality industry and comes highly recommended.”

  • Dylan Jones, Editor of Data Quality Pro

“I've worked with Jim in several capacities during the past 10 years.  Most recently as part of a software development team.  Jim's experience as a user of the system and his advocacy of the customer perspective were an invaluable asset as we planned the product's future.  Over the years, Jim has made significant contributions to the product's methodology and has prototyped several tools that have evolved into product components.  Jim loves a challenge and brings a solid engineering approach to its solution.”

  • Marvin Mendelssohn, Product Architect, IBM

“Jim brings many qualities to any team, any project - leadership, empathy, intelligence, creativity, hard work and persistence.  Jim's a producer delivering high quality output that made the entire team step up a level. I highly recommend to any task he chooses to put his mind to.”

  • Stewart Hanna, Product Manager, IBM

“Jim taught me everything I know about QualityStage and the art of data cleansing.  He has great presentation skills and the ability to easily relate the concepts to real-life examples.  He was always extremely prepared and knowledgeable.”

  • Melanie Topper, Senior Technical Instructor, IBM

“I had the pleasure of working with Jim at both Vality Technology and Ascential Software.  At Vality, we worked together on development of new courseware.  His acumen of the product, in addition to its practical, real-world experience, resulted in courseware that consistently received high ratings.  He is one of the unique few that are equally effective as both a consultant and a trainer.  His enthusiasm for assisting his students to master the courseware is matched only by his unwavering dedication to developing the best solutions for his clients as a consultant.  I give him my highest recommendation.”

  • David Stanvick, Senior Consultant, IBM

“Jim works very hard to satisfy both the customer and the job requirements.  He possesses a positive attitude and is extremely dedicated to helping others.  Jim is well versed in understanding and solving complex problems.  Customers really appreciate Jim's positive and professional style.”

  • Greg Kordelski, Consultant, Vality Technology

“I worked with Jim when I first came to Vality Technology (now IBM) in 2000.  Jim was incredibly helpful and empathetic to new consultants.  When working with Jim on projects, he was incredibly detailed-oriented and had the ability to determine an elegant and suitable solution for the client quickly.  His knowledge of QualityStage was second to none.  There was not one issue that he could not resolve or problem he could not solve, he had the unique ability to push the technology to its limits.”

  • Salma K. Schoenberg, Lead Consultant, Ascential Software Corporation

“The net positive evaluation for a great consultant - Jim's clients always, always want to extend him.  For many reasons including - he has great communications skills and an empathetic personality, he is extremely hard working, he has a deep experience base in data-intensive solution development, he is creative, and he is smart. Always, always.”

  • Tom Quintal, EVP & COO, LoganBritton, Inc.

“After having worked with Jim in various job positions across multiple companies for the past 14 years, I can honestly say he is a visionary.  We were programmers at Epsilon, Consultants at Vality, and Developers at IBM together, so I have seen first hand Jim's contributions to each project he is involved in. His ability to visualize the way things should be and come up with a method to make it happen, raises the bar for each team member who is working with him causing the end results to exceed expectations. I look forward to the next project we get to work together on.”

  • Tina Fisher, Software Engineer, IBM Software Group

“Jim is highly qualified data consultant with many years of experience developing data-driven solutions.  Jim's attention to detail is second to none and his ability to comprehend the client's objectives shows through in his solution design and implementation.  Jim's vast experience with clients in diverse industries allows him to communicate clearly and objectively with customers, no matter which level he is dealing with (data entry, business owner, CTO, etc.).  I have known Jim Harris for over 11 years now (since October 1997) and have always found Jim to be professional and courteous.  I would not hesitate in recommending Jim's services to anyone (or any Company).”

  • Steven Cagan, Consultant, Vality Technology

“Jim is an extremely bright, hard working technical consultant. There seems to be no problem that he can't solve.  He has worked in many technical roles from customer facing to internal development.  He has many skills but has a deep background in the Data Quality and Data Integration fields.  Jim is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again. He would be an asset to any team.”

  • Sheila McCarthy, Director, Professional Services, Vality Technology

“Jim from the very beginning had a complete grasp of the software we were selling and using in consulting engagements at Vality Technology.  He has also gained invaluable experience while working with Ascential Software and IBM.  His knowledge of IBM Information Server QualityStage and DataStage is unsurpassed by anyone I know of in the world.  He also is accomplished in the other data integration software in the market such as Informatica.  I would recommend him to lead and successfully complete any data integration project and look forward to the opportunity to work with him in the future.”

  • Jon Billig, Vice President, Vality Technology

“Jim was a very resourceful contributor to the consulting organization.  He would find innovative solutions to many of the obstacles presented by a limited toolset.  It is safe to say that a good number of projects would have consumed far more resources were he not on the team.”

  • Steve Trieble, Senior Consultant, Vality Technology

“There are those in your career span that you have worked with that you easily recall by a few key adjectives.  In working at both Vality Technology and IBM Software those key areas were an impeccable focus on detail and a total dedication to quality.  I had the pleasure of working on some rather difficult client implementations as well as driving the future state of a product portfolio and Jim showcased this aptitude to get the job done and done well.  In addition, his personality is perfectly fit for driving business even when the task at hand proves challenging.  I would highly recommend Jim to any endeavor he chooses to undertake.”

  • Brian Kordelski, Technical Director, Vality Technology