#FollowFriday and Re-Tweet-Worthiness

There is perhaps no better example of the peer pressure aspects of social networking than FollowFriday—the day when Twitter users recommend other users that you should follow (i.e., “I recommended you, why didn’t you recommend me?”).

However, every day of the week re-tweeting (the forwarding of another user’s Twitter status update, aka tweet) is performed.  Many bloggers (such as myself) use Twitter to promote their content by tweeting links to their new blog posts, and therefore, most re-tweets are attempts—made by the other members of the blogger’s collablogaunity—to help share meaningful content.

But I would be willing to wager that a considerable amount of re-tweeting is based on the act of reciprocity—and not based on evaluating the Re-Tweet-Worthiness of the shared content.  In other words, I believe that many people (myself included) sometimes don’t read what they re-tweet, but simply share content from a previously determined re-tweet-worthy source, or a source that they hope will reciprocate in the future (i.e., “I re-tweeted your blog post, why didn’t you re-tweet my blog post?”).


How do YOU determine Re-Tweet-Worthiness?


#FollowFriday Recommendations

By no means a comprehensive list, and listed in no particular order whatsoever, here are some great tweeps, and especially for truly re-tweet-worthy tweets about Data Quality, Data Governance, Master Data Management, and Business Intelligence:


PLEASE NOTE: No offense is intended to any of my tweeps not listed above.  However, if you feel that I have made a glaring omission of an obviously Twitterific Tweep, then please feel free to post a comment below and add them to the list.  Thanks!

I hope that everyone has a great FollowFriday and an even greater weekend.  See you all around the Twittersphere.


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