Twitter, Data Governance, and a #ButteredCat #FollowFriday

I have previously blogged in defense of Twitter, the pithy platform for social networking that I use perhaps a bit too frequently, and about which many people argue is incompatible with meaningful communication (Twitter that is, not me—hopefully).

Whether it is a regularly scheduled meeting of the minds, like the Data Knights Tweet Jam, or simply a spontaneous supply of trenchant thoughts, Twitter quite often facilitates discussions that deliver practical knowledge or thought-provoking theories.

However, occasionally the discussions center around more curious concepts, such as a paradox involving a buttered cat, which thankfully Steve Sarsfield, Mark Horseman, and Daragh O Brien can help me attempt to explain (remember I said attempt):

So, basically . . . successful data governance is all about Buttered Cats, Breaded CxOs, and Beer-Battered Data Quality Managers working together to deliver Bettered Data to the organization . . . yeah, that all sounded perfectly understandable to me.

But just in case you don’t have your secret decoder ring, let’s decipher the message (remember: “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine”):

  • Buttered Cats – metaphor for combining the top-down and bottom-up approaches to data governance
  • Breaded CxOs – metaphor for executive sponsors, especially ones providing bread (i.e., funding, not lunch—maybe both)
  • Beer-Battered Data Quality Managers – metaphor (and possibly also a recipe) for data stewardship
  • Bettered Data – metaphor for the corporate asset thingy that data governance helps you manage

(For more slightly less cryptic information, check out my previous post/poll: Data Governance and the Buttered Cat Paradox)


#FollowFriday Recommendations

Today is #FollowFriday, the day when Twitter users recommend other users you should follow, so here are some great tweeps for mostly non-buttered-cat tweets about Data Quality, Data Governance, Master Data Management, and Business Intelligence:

(Please Note: This is by no means a comprehensive list, is listed in no particular order whatsoever, and no offense is intended to any of my tweeps not listed below.  I hope that everyone has a great #FollowFriday and an even greater weekend.)


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