#FollowFriday and The Three Tweets

Today is Friday, which for Twitter users like me, can mean only one thing . . .

It is FollowFriday—the day when Twitter users recommend other users that you should follow.  In other words, it’s the Twitter version of peer pressure: “I recommended you, why didn't you recommend me?”

So why does anyone follow anyone on Twitter?  There are many theories, mine is called . . .


The Three Tweets

From my perspective, there are only three kinds of tweets:

  1. Informative Tweets — Providing some form of information, or a link to it, these tweets deliver the practical knowledge or thought-provoking theories, allowing you to almost convince your boss that Twitter is a required work activity.
  2. Entertaining Tweets — Providing some form of entertainment, or a link to it, these tweets are often the funny respites thankfully disrupting the otherwise serious (or mind-numbingly boring) routine of your typical business day.
  3. Infotaining Tweets — Providing a combination of information and entertainment, or a link to it, these tweets make you think a little, laugh a little, and go on and sway (just a little) along with the music that often only you can hear.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of each one of The Three Tweets.


Informative Tweets


Entertaining Tweets


Infotaining Tweets


#FollowFriday Recommendations

By no means a comprehensive list, and listed in no particular order whatsoever, here are some great tweeps, and especially for mostly informative tweets about Data Quality, Data Governance, Master Data Management, and Business Intelligence:


PLEASE NOTE: No offense is intended to any of my tweeps not listed above.  However, if you feel that I have made a glaring omission of an obviously Twitterific Tweep, then please feel free to post a comment below and add them to the list.  Thanks!

I hope that everyone has a great FollowFriday and an even greater weekend.  See you all around the Twittersphere.


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