#FollowFriday Spotlight: @DataQualityPro

FollowFriday Spotlight is an OCDQ regular segment highlighting someone you should follow—and not just Fridays on Twitter.

Links for Data Quality Pro and Dylan Jones:

Data Quality Pro, founded and maintained by Dylan Jones, is a free and independent community resource dedicated to helping data quality professionals take their career or business to the next level.  Data Quality Pro is your free expert resource providing data quality articles, webinars, forums and tutorials from the world’s leading experts, every day.

With the mission to create the most beneficial data quality resource that is freely available to members around the world, the goal of Data Quality Pro is “winning-by-sharing” and they believe that by contributing a small amount of their experience, skill or time to support other members then truly great things can be achieved.

Membership is 100% free and provides a broad range of additional content for professionals of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Check out the Best of Data Quality Pro, which includes the following great blog posts written by Dylan Jones in 2010:


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