Live-Tweeting: Data Governance

The term “live-tweeting” describes using Twitter to provide near real-time reporting from an event.  I live-tweet from the sessions I attend at industry conferences as well as interesting webinars.

Recently, I live-tweeted Successful Data Stewardship Through Data Governance, which was a data governance webinar featuring Marty Moseley of Initiate Systems and Jill Dyché of Baseline Consulting.

Instead of writing a blog post summarizing the webinar, I thought I would list my tweets with brief commentary.  My goal is to provide an example of this particular use of Twitter so you can decide its value for yourself.


As the webinar begins, Marty Moseley and Jill Dyché provide some initial thoughts on data governance:

Live-Tweets 1


Jill Dyché provides a great list of data governance myths and facts:

Live-Tweets 2


Jill Dyché provides some data stewardship insights:

Live-Tweets 3


As the webinar ends, Marty Moseley and Jill Dyché provide some closing thoughts about data governance and data quality:

Live-Tweets 4


Please Share Your Thoughts

If you attended the webinar, then you know additional material was presented.  Did my tweets do the webinar justice?  Did you follow along on Twitter during the webinar?  If you did not attend the webinar, then are these tweets helpful?

What are your thoughts in general regarding the pros and cons of live-tweeting? 


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