Data Quality is Sexy


Jim Harris 017

I am sick and tired of hearing people talk about how data quality (DQ) is not sexy.

I was talking with my friend J.T. the other day and he told me I simply needed to remind people data quality has always been sexy.  Sometimes, people just have a tendency to forget. 

J.T. told me:

“You know what you gotta do J.H.?  You gotta bring DQ Sexy back.”

True dat, J.T.


I'm Bringing DQ Sexy Back


Jim Harris 001


I’m bringing DQ Sexy back

All you naysayers, watch how I attack

I think your data’s special, why does your quality lack?

Grant me some access, and I’ll pick up the slack



Jim Harris 008


Dirty data – you see the problems everywhere

Let me be your data cleanser, and baby, I'll be there

We'll whip the Business Process if it misbehaves

But just remember – trying to be perfect – it's not the way



Jim Harris 005 

I’m bringing DQ Sexy back

Them non-team players don’t know how to act

Let our collaboration get us back on track

Working together, we'll make the right impact



Jim Harris 010


Look at that data – it's your 'prise asset 
Treat it well, and all your business needs will be met

Understanding it will really make you smile 
To get started, you really need to profile

There's no need for you to be afraid – come on 
Go ahead – get your data freak on


Jim Harris 014 

I’m bringing DQ Sexy back

Any non-believers left?  Don't make me give you a smack

If you have data, you'd better watch out for what it lacks

'Cause quality is what it needs – and that’s a fact



Data Quality is Sexy

Jim Harris 015

That’s right. 

Data Quality is Sexy. 

Always has been. 

Always will be.

True dat, J.H.

Fo real!