Podcast: Stand-Up Data Quality

December—the last month of the year when we hustle and bustle to finish our work, while visions of sugar-plums dance in our holiday shopping heads.  During this time of year, little attention (and rightfully so) is paid to the blogosphere—especially the neither naughty nor nice, but simply niche-y corners of the blogosphere.

As I have often joked, data quality is not just a niche – if technology blogging was a Matryoshka (a.k.a. Russian nested) doll, then data quality would be the last, innermost doll.  This doesn't mean that data quality isn't an important subject – it just means its extra-niche-y-ness all but guarantees December (and usually January and most of February too) will be a very cold month – when all niche blogs struggle to rub two random RSS readers together in order to start a cozy fire, keeping them warm until their blogging hope springs eternal once again come springtime.

Niche blogs can either shutdown during this blogging lull, or use it as an opportunity to experiment.  I have chosen the latter, which explains why four of my last six blog posts have used either a Podcast or a Video

Not to worry though, I haven't given up writing more “traditional” blog posts.  I simply plan to use more podcasts and videos in 2010 as a way to add more variety (and more of a personal touch) to my blog content.  They may not appear as frequently as they have recently, but more is to come in the new year.  For now, I am experimenting with how best to produce them.


Stand-Up Data Quality

In this OCDQ Podcast, I discuss using humor to enliven a niche topic, and revisit some of the stand-up comedy aspects of some of my favorite written-down blog posts from earlier this year.

Humor can be a great way to start a conversation and hold your readers' attention for those few precious additional seconds while you are getting to your point.  Obviously, there will be times when the seriousness of your subject would make comedy inappropriate, and if you are not naturally inclined to use humor, then you shouldn't try to force it.


You can also download this podcast (MP3 file) by clicking on this link: Stand-Up Data Quality


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