2014 International Data Quality Summit

OCDQ Radio is an audio podcast about data quality and its related disciplines, produced and hosted by Jim Harris.

During this episode, I discuss the 2014 International Data Quality Summit (IDQSummit) with its co-chairs, Joy Medved and Melissa Hildebrand. The 2014 IDQSummit, being held October 6-9 in historic Richmond, Virginia, is the premier international event for exchanging data quality and data governance solutions, offering professional development and networking opportunities, along with new cutting-edge tutorials, presentations and keynotes from a variety of highly experienced speakers.

Joy Medved is the Director of Event Services for the International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ). As the Managing Director of Paradata Consulting, she enjoys helping international clients develop and improve their Data Governance, Data Quality, Metadata and Training Programs. Joy has spent most of the past 20 years as a business improvement consultant, strategist, coach, researcher, trainer and speaker. She is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and an Information Quality Certified Professional (IQCP), and always seeks to help her clients “simplify the quest for quality.”

Melissa Hildebrand is the Administrative Director for the Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA). In her past 7 years with ECCMA, she has had thorough experience in managing multiple projects, daily operations and numerous events. Since 2009, Melissa has been certified as an ISO 8000 Master Data Quality Manager (MDQM) and manages the training and certification program. She assists in administering the United States Technical Advisory Group to TC 184, SC 4 and SC 5. She is the Editor of the book Managing Blind: A Data Quality and Data Governance Vade Mecum, and was Project Manager for the book Sweet Times: 100 Years of Making Confections Better.


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