OCDQ Radio is a vendor-neutral podcast about data quality and its related disciplines, and is the audio complement to this blog, providing a platform for recorded discussions with great folks working in the data management industry.

Vendor neutrality doesn’t preclude the possibility of vendor-sponsored content. If you are interested in sponsoring OCDQ Radio, or if you want to be a podcast guest, or you simply want to provide feedback about the show, Contact Jim Harris.

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Speak your Data-Related Thoughts or Questions on OCDQ Radio

Would you like to speak your data-related thoughts or questions and have them included in a future OCDQ Radio episode?

If so, then Contact Jim Harris in order to either arrange scheduling an interactive recording with Jim Harris via Skype, or arrange e-mailing your data-related thoughts or questions via a pre-recorded audio file (MP3 file format is preferred).

Please be advised that any recordings will be edited for content and duration. Your name, along with one link, would be listed in the blog post summary of any episode that you are included in. Please Note: No promotional messages will be accepted.


All Available Episodes

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  • Data Driven — Guest Tom Redman (aka the “Data Doc”) discusses a few concepts from his book: Data Driven
  • Scary Calendar Effects — How date-related aspects can negatively affect enterprise information initiatives

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