Wednesday Word: August 11, 2010

Wednesday Word is an OCDQ regular segment intended to provide an occasional alternative to my Wordless Wednesday posts.  Wednesday Word provides a word (or words) of the day, including both my definition and an example of recommended usage.



Truthiness by Stephen Colbert

Definition – Similar to truthiness, which my mentor Sir Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. defines as “truth that a person claims to know intuitively from the gut without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or facts,” quality-ish is defined as the quality of the data that an organization is using as the basis to make its critical business decisions without regard to performing data analysis, measuring completeness and accuracy, or even establishing if the data has any relevance at all to the critical business decisions being based upon it.

Example – “At today’s press conference, the CIO of Acme Marketplace Analytics heralded data-driven decision-making as the company’s key competitive differentiator.  In related news, the stock price of Acme Marketplace Analytics fell to a record low after their new quality-ish report declared the obsolesce of iTunes based on the latest Betamax videocassette sales projections.”


Is your organization basing its critical business decisions upon high quality data or highly quality-ish data?


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