DQ-View: The Cassandra Effect

Data Quality (DQ) View is an OCDQ regular segment.  Each DQ-View is a brief video discussion of a data quality key concept.

When you present the business case for your data quality initiative to executive management and other corporate stakeholders, you need to demonstrate that poor data quality is not a myth—it is a real business problem that negatively impacts the quality of decision-critical enterprise information.

But a common mistake when selling the business benefits of data quality is focusing too much on the negative aspects of not investing in data quality.  Although you would be telling the truth, nobody may want to believe things are as bad as you claim.

Therefore, in this new DQ-View segment, I want to discuss avoiding what is sometimes referred to as “the Cassandra Effect.”


DQ-View: The Cassandra Effect


If you are having trouble viewing this video, then you can watch it on Vimeo by clicking on this link: DQ-View on Vimeo


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