The Only Thing Necessary for Poor Data Quality

“Demonstrate projected defects and business impacts if the business fails to act,” explains Dylan Jones of Data Quality Pro in his recent and remarkable post How To Deliver A Compelling Data Quality Business Case

“Presenting a future without data quality management...leaves a simple take-away message – do nothing and the situation will deteriorate.”

I can not help but be reminded of the famous quote often attributed to the 18th century philosopher Edmund Burke:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.”

Or the even more famous quote often attributed to the long time ago Jedi Master Yoda:

Poor data quality is the path to the dark side.  Poor data quality leads to bad business decisions. 

Bad business decisions leads to lost revenue.  Lost revenue leads to suffering.”

When you present the business case for your data quality initiative to executive management and other corporate stakeholders, demonstrate that poor data quality is not a theoretical problem – it is a real business problem that negatively impacts the quality of decision-critical enterprise information.

Preventing poor data quality is mission-critical.  Poor data quality will undermine the tactical and strategic initiatives essential to the enterprise's mission to survive and thrive in today's highly competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace.

“The only thing necessary for Poor Data Quality – is for good businesses to Do Nothing.”

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