We are the (IBM Information) Champions

Recently, I was honored to be named a 2009-2010 IBM Information Champion

From Vality Technology, through Ascential Software, and eventually with IBM, I have spent most of my career working with the data quality tool that is now known as IBM InfoSphere QualityStage. 

Throughout my time in Research and Development (as a Senior Software Engineer and a Development Engineer) and Professional Services (as a Principal Consultant and a Senior Technical Instructor), I was often asked to wear many hats for QualityStage – and not just because my balding head is distractingly shiny.

True champions are championship teams.  The QualityStage team (past and present) is the most remarkable group of individuals that I have ever had the great privilege to know, let alone the good fortune to work with.  Thank you all very, very much.


The IBM Information Champion Program

Previously known as the Data Champion Program, the IBM Information Champion Program honors individuals making outstanding contributions to the Information Management community. 

Technical communities, websites, books, conference speakers, and blogs all contribute to the success of IBM’s Information Management products.  But these activities don’t run themselves. 

Behind the scenes, there are dedicated and loyal individuals who put in their own time to run user groups, manage community websites, speak at conferences, post to forums, and write blogs.  Their time is uncompensated by IBM.

IBM honors the commitment of these individuals with a special designation — Information Champion — as a way of showing their appreciation for the time and energy these exceptional community members expend.

Information Champions are objective experts.  They have no official obligation to IBM. 

They simply share their opinions and years of experience with others in the field, and their work contributes greatly to the overall success of IBM Information Management.


We are the Champions

The IBM Information Champion Program has been expanded from the Data Management segment to all segments in Information Management, and now includes IBM Cognos, Enterprise Content Management, and InfoSphere. 

To read more about all of the Information Champions, please follow this link:  Profiles of the IBM Information Champions


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