The Data Quality Placebo

Inspired by a recent Boing Boing blog post

Are you suffering from persistent and annoying data quality issues?  Or are you suffering from the persistence of data quality tool vendors and consultants annoying you with sales pitches about how you must be suffering from persistent data quality issues?

Either way, the Data Division of Prescott Pharmaceuticals (trusted makers of gastroflux, datamine, selectium, and qualitol) is proud to present the perfect solution to all of your real and/or imaginary data quality issues — The Data Quality Placebo.

Simply take two capsules (made with an easy-to-swallow coating) every morning and you will be guaranteed to experience:

“Zero Defects with Zero Side Effects” TM

(Legal Disclaimer: Zero Defects with Zero Side Effects may be the result of Zero Testing, which itself is probably just a side effect of The Prescott Promise: “We can promise you that we will never test any of our products on animals because . . . we never test any of our products.”)