Data Quality Mad Libs (Part 1)

Data Quality Mad Libs is a new OCDQ series.

For the uninitiated, Mad Libs are sentences with several of their key words or phrases left intentionally blank. 

Next to each blank is indicated what type of word should be entered, but you get to choose the actual words. 

The completed sentence can be as thought-provoking, comical, or nonsensical as you want to make it.


Data Quality Mad Lib

“The most

_______________ (adjective)

thing about

_______________ (noun or phrase)

is that it

_______________ (verb)


_______________ (noun or phrase)

by essentially

_______________ (phrase)

your enterprise systems.”


My Version

“The most surprising thing about master data management is that it improves your customer data quality by essentially deleting every customer record from your enterprise systems.”


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