The Symbiotic Relationship of Cloud and Mobile

“Although many people are calling for a cloud revolution in which everyone simultaneously migrates their systems to the cloud,” David Linthicum recently blogged, “that’s not going to happen.  While there will be no mass migration, there will be many one-off cloud migration projects that improve the functionality of systems, as well as cloud-based deployments of new systems.”

“This means that,” Linthicum predicted, “cloud computing’s growth will follow the same patterns of adoption we saw for the PC and the Web.  We won’t notice many of the changes as they occur, but the changes will indeed come.”  Perhaps the biggest driver of the cloud-based changes to come is the way many of us are using the cloud today — as a way to synchronize data across our multiple devices, the vast majority of which nowadays are mobile devices.

John Mason recently blogged about the symbiotic relationship between the cloud and mobile devices, which “not only expands the reach of small and midsize businesses, it levels the playing field too, helping them compete in a quickly changing business environment.  Cloud-based applications help businesses stay mobile, agile, and responsive without sacrificing security or reliability, and even the smallest of companies can provide their customers with fast, around-the-clock access to important data.”

The age of the mobile device is upon us and it is thanks mainly to the cloud-based applications floating above us, enabling a mobile-app-portal-to-the-cloud computing model that is well-supported by the widespread availability of high-speed network connectivity options since, no matter where we are, it seems like a Wi-Fi or broadband mobile network is always available.

As more and more small and midsize businesses continue to leverage the symbiotic relationship between the cloud and mobile to build relationships with customers and rethink how work works, they are enabling the future of the collaborative economy.

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