Big Blue betas Watson Analytics

IBM recently announced the availability of the public beta of Watson Analytics, a cloud-based freemium service for cognitive computing and self-service analytics that can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device. Driven by a natural language interface, Watson Analytics is designed to empower non-technical professionals, making it easier for business users to acquire, prepare, refine, and analyze data. By automating predictive analysis and visual storytelling, Watson Analytics is intended to enable business users to discover insights, predict outcomes, visualize results, and create reports and dashboards.

As the following video explains, Watson Analytics seeks to accelerate users’ ability to get the answers they’re seeking, quickly and on their own, generating results in terms familiar to their business:

The public beta includes the Watson Analytics Community, a user group for sharing news, best practices, technical support, and training. I have signed up for the free trial and in a follow-up post I will blog about my experiences using Watson Analytics.

For more information about the IBM Watson Analytics Beta, and to signup for the free trial, please visit:


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